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We are committed to making technology improve people's lives

Raised the floor, moved the world and found Junyi

  • Computer room

  • Office Building

  • School

  • Clean Room

  • Control room



The use space advantage of OA network floor over general floor

Changzhou Junyi Access Floor Co., Ltd. which was established in 1996, is an export oriented professional access floor manufacturer.... 2020-05-28

Junyi and elevated floor

Elevated floor is also called dissipative electrostatic floor. When it is grounded or connected to any lower potential, it enables the charge to dissipate, characterized by a resistance between the 5th power of 10 and the 9th power of 10 ohms. The anti-static technology of computer room is a part of the scope of computer room safety and protection. Static electricity caused by various reasons is one of the most frequent and difficult hazards to eliminate. Static electricity will not only cause random faults, wrong actions or calculation errors in computer operation, but also lead to breakdown and destruction of some components. In addition, static

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About us

Changzhou Junyi Access Floor Co., Ltd. which was established in 1996, is an export oriented professional access floor manufacturer. Junyi's major products include OA Intelligent Building Acess Floor Sieries, Anti-static Steel Access Floor for Computer Room, Conductive Access Flor for Clean Room, Anti-static Perforated Panel, Calcium Sulphate Access Floor, Woodcore Panel and Aluminium Access Floor. Our annual production capacity is more than 500 thousand squaremeters.

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Company:Changzhou Junyi Access Floor Co., Ltd. add:Hengshanqiao Town,Changzhou City, China. Contacts:213119 tel:13706123601

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